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Accommodation in Tulcea

Welcome on the Atlantis hotel website

We are very proud to present our unit, which was finished in 2006, and which is equipped with all the modern facilities and has all the safety rules. Out hotel is located at a short distance from the city center, Hotel Atlantis is the ideal point to start as well as for tourists and for businessmen.

Our welcoming hall is the ideal place to start your day in a relaxing manner, where you can gather up in the evening to discuss. A lot of good places like : city cliff, parks and museums are very easy to access by foot or using the public transportation.

The restaurant close to the hotel offer international and Romanian goodies, our chefs are among the best. Also our staff is willing to help you with everything you need.

 Also, since we like to take care of our customers, we can provide you places in our parking lot for your car


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